OLED Displays

OLED displays can be used to show information about the current state of the car. This is especially useful in the when collecting data for training, and when racing.

The OLED display currently displays the following information: * The IP address of the car (eth and wlan) * The number of records collected, for training. * The driving mode.

Supported displays

Examples of displays that are currently supported are:

Hardware Setup

Simply connect the display to the I2C pins on the Raspberry Pi or the Jetson Nano. Use bus 1 so the display can be inserted directly on the pins. Here is an example of what that looks like.

Software Setup

Enable the display in myconfig.py.

# SSD1306_128_32
USE_SSD1306_128_32 = True     # Enable the SSD_1306 OLED Display
SSD1306_128_32_I2C_BUSNUM = 1 # I2C bus number


If you are unable to start the car, ensure that the Adafruit_SSD1306 package is installed in your virtual environment. This should automatically be installed, if you are using a recent version of donkeycar.

pip install Adafruit_SSD1306