Install Donkeycar on Mac


mkdir projects
cd projects
  • Get the latest donkeycar from Github.
git clone
cd donkeycar
git checkout master
  • If this is not your first install, update Conda and remove old donkey
conda update -n base -c defaults conda
conda env remove -n donkey
  • Create the Python anaconda environment
conda env create -f install/envs/mac.yml
conda activate donkey
pip install -e .[pc]
  • Tensorflow GPU

Currently there is no NVidia gpu support for tensorflow on mac.

  • Create your local working dir:
donkey createcar --path ~/mycar

Note: After closing the Terminal, when you open it again, you will need to type conda activate donkey to re-enable the mappings to donkey specific Python libraries

Next let's install software on Donkeycar